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An amusing entry on tea. [Jan. 29th, 2006|05:44 pm]
Tea Geeks


[music |Three Weird Sisters, "Tea" (in my head)]

ladysprite has a nice entry on the joys of plain black tea. I particularly like:

Yet no matter how many times I try to explain this, my coffee-drinking family and friends insist on giving me box after box of Apple Nut and Lemon Zinger and Mango-Mandarin Mist and Blackberry-Blueberry-Walnut-Papaya-Coconut-Snickerdoodle-Deluxe tea. Which then sits on my counter, untouched except for the first mug, until I get up the gumption to either throw it away or give it away to a friend with a hankering for hot fruity water.

It strikes me that there are a number of people between ladysprite and the commenters who might appreciate teageeks...

[User Picture]From: somnambulicious
2006-01-30 01:07 am (UTC)
By all means, pimp the comm if you'd like. I'll take a look at the commenters; anybody there will get a free pass to join.

...and ah, the Zingers. They were pretty much the height of tea in the grocer's when I was growing up. It's like drinking liquid candy, but it might just be drinkable with a shot of vodka...
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