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On the other hand, if you're not spending ENOUGH time making tea... [Jan. 10th, 2007|03:58 pm]
Tea Geeks


First off, two linkies for the tea geeks: Imperial Tea Court and Teance Fine Teas. Both companies specialize in Chinese teas and tea preparation, and both have shops/tea rooms in Northern California (San Francisco and Berkeley, respectively.) The websites are chock full of information about tea and tea preparation. Check 'em out! Teance has an informational/instructional DVD about Chinese teas and tea prep that I'm just itching to see.

For Christmas, my dear, sweet husband gave me two tea samplers - green and pu-erh - from Imperial Tea. I have to say, these are fantastic. I've never had a pu-erh before, and I've heard that it can be an...ah...acquired taste, but I am absolutely in love with it. Their Yunnan Pu-erh in particular, which smells and tastes just like topsoil after a hard rain. If you like earthy teas, I highly recommend that one.

Husband also gave me my first gaiwan - an alternative to the teapot that looks like a large cup with a fitted lid. Gaiwan tea prep is a challenge to me, because you have to grasp the cup in your fingers for a long time, and, well, tea is HOT! My poor fingers. I've been cheating and using a paper towel between the cup and my fingers. But on the plus side, it's much easier to clean the loose tea leaves out of the gaiwan than it is to clean them out of my Yixing teapot.

And, finally, I got a shipment of tea accoutrements in from Imperial Tea today - a tea boat for waste water, a presentation vessel for holding the dry leaves, a Yixing serving pitcher, two shallow tasting cups, and a set of bamboo tea tools. I'll make my first clumsy attempt at Imperial Tea Service tonight. Wish me luck!